Dough My Dear

Dough my dear is a luxurious range of Play Dough for kids, mum and dad alike. The silky, soft and scented dough is perfect for playtime.

Dough My Dear started as a craft activity with my eldest daughter a few years a go and it has been evolving ever since.

Our range is ever growing ever changing to meet the creative needs of our littlest customers!

Dough My Dear Play Dough is a great learning tool that can help develop all of your senses (If you're brave enough to eat some!). While it's not meant to be consumed if you can't resist and have a little nibble- that's okay because Dough My Dear Play Dough is made of edible ingredients!!

In 2019 I wanted to expand my range, I knew some people had reservations on buying play dough because of how messy it can be, so I started to work closely with a family run manufacturer in developing mats and aprons in vegan leather that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.