Creating the perfect play space... Top #5 Tips


Create a space where the little ones can easily access what they need and just as easily pack it away.

Storage tubs are a great idea! Sort by theme for eg; cars, trains, musical instruments, playdough, puzzles etc...check out IKEAs range of storage solutions.

Get creative; print pictures to describe what’s in the tub, laminate it and stick it on. This will help make pack up fun and easily find where everything goes. Alternatively check out @lable this for labelling inspo

 Tip #2  bring in elements of NATURE and NATURAL materials

Go for a walk and let the kiddies collect materials along the way that can be used in their play space. For eg, stones, pine cones, bark, leafs, twigs etc. These materials will encourage them to play more creatively and allow for hours of endless fun. Include natural tones in your space, check out our natural nesting bowls or natural numbers and alphabet puzzles.

 Tip #3 a TABLE is a staple for any play space

Whether it be to put together a puzzle, draw a picture or enjoy an afternoon tea snack, the table, is a every play space must have.

Why not get creative and set up the table with a fun and engaging learning activity. Use staples from your pantry, like pasta, lentils or oats to fill the tubs. Get some serving spoons, bowls and tongs. Add some pretend insects, dinosaurs or anything from your child’s collection annnnnd wallah, you have hours of endless fun, and mess 🤪

Check out IKEAs kids table

 Tip #4 quite READING NOOK

Create a calm and quiet little nook where your babes can sit and focus on enjoying the story.

Perhaps a teepee with some cushions and books in a basket or put up floating shelves surrounded by fluffy pillows and blankets.


If you’re like me and find it hard to decide what to get rid of, well here is your solution... don’t get rid of it, just put it away.

Take away toys that they have outgrow or are no longer showing interest in, you can always bring it back at a later stage.

Children will be more engaged if they have less to choose from. They will be able to really enjoy any one toy without being overwhelmed by all of them at once.

Children need to use their imagination, get creative, get constructive and read. If you can give them the opportunity and space to do this then your job is done :)  

What are your tips for the perfect play space?


♥️ a&m